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Director Format Languagesort descending Rating
Limitless Neil Burger blu-ray English *
The Fifth Element Luc Besson blu-ray English
Apocalypse Now Francis Ford Coppola dvd, blu-ray English ****
A Serious Man Joel & Ethan Coen dvd English
Monsters Gareth Edwards blu-ray English *
Million Dollar Baby Clint Eastwood dvd English ***
Captain Phillips Paul Greengrass dvd English
The Pianist Roman Polanski dvd English ***
Red Dragon Brett Ratner blu-ray English
The Cooler Wayne Kramer dvd English
The Reader Stephen Daldry blu-ray English ****
Shortbus John Cameron Mitchell dvd English
The Lover Jean-Jacques Annaud dvd English ***
Mrs. Henderson Presents Stephen Frears dvd English
Monster's Ball Marc Forster blu-ray English ****
Modigliani Mick Davis dvd English
Ex_Machina Alex Garland blu-ray English ***
The Dreamers Bernardo Bertolucci dvd English
Videodrome David Cronenberg blu-ray English **
The Nightmare Before Christmas Henri Selick dvd English
The Danish Girl Tom Hooper blu-ray English ***
Bitter Moon Roman Polanski dvd English *
Eastern Promises David Cronenberg blu-ray English ****
Fiona Amos Kollek dvd English
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover Peter Greenaway dvd English ****
A History of Violence David Cronenberg blu-ray English ***
Of Mice and Men Gary Sinise dvd English
Brazil Terry Gilliam dvd English ****
Showgirls Paul Verhoeven blu-ray English **
Kill Bill 1+2 Quentin Tarantino dvd English