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Director Format Languagesort descending Rating
Mongol Sergei Bodrov dvd **
Map of the Sounds of Tokyo Isabel Coixet dvd
Waltz With Bashir Ari Folman dvd
Koyaanisquatsi Godfrey Reggio blu-ray
Powaqqatsi Godfrey Reggio blu-ray
Naqoyqatsi Godfrey Reggio blu-ray
The Last Battle Luc Besson blu-ray
Blood Letter Victor Vu blu-ray
Interstella 555 dvd **
Chinese Odyssey 2002 Jeff Lau dvd Chinese
Help me eros Lee Kang-Sheng dvd Chinese ***
Shower Zhang Yang dvd Chinese ***
A one and a two Edward Yang dvd Chinese
2046 Wong Kar Wai dvd Chinese ***
Curse of the Golden Flower Zhang Yimou blu-ray Chinese
Festen Thomas Vinterberg dvd Danish
The Idiots Lars von Trier dvd Danish
De Kus Hilde Van Mieghem dvd Dutch ***
Guernsey Nanouk Leopold dvd Dutch
Brokeback Mountain Ang Lee dvd English
Water For Elephants Francis Lawrence dvd English
Monster's Ball Marc Forster blu-ray English ****
House of Sand and Fog Vadim Perelman dvd English
Tideland Terry Gilliam dvd English
Videodrome David Cronenberg blu-ray English **
Conan the Barbarian Marcus Nispel blu-ray English
Eastern Promises David Cronenberg blu-ray English ****
Drive Angry Patrick Lussier blu-ray English
Taxi Driver Martin Scorsese dvd English
A History of Violence David Cronenberg blu-ray English ***