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First Life David Attenborough blu-ray English
Eastern Promises David Cronenberg blu-ray English ****
A History of Violence David Cronenberg blu-ray English ***
Videodrome David Cronenberg blu-ray English **
Inland Empire David Lynch dvd English
Lost Highway David Lynch dvd English ****
Hard Candy David Slade dvd English **
Guardami Davide Ferrario dvd Italian
A one and a two Edward Yang dvd Chinese
Brutto, Sporchi e Cattivi Ettore Scola dvd Italian
The Constant Gardener Fernando Meirelles dvd English ***
Das Leben der Anderen Florian Henkel von Donnersmarck dvd German ****
Apocalypse Now Francis Ford Coppola dvd, blu-ray English ****
Water For Elephants Francis Lawrence dvd English
Le Temps Qui Reste François Ozon dvd French
Sous le Sable François Ozon dvd French
5x2 François Ozon dvd French
Swimming Pool François Ozon dvd French
Les Amants Criminels François Ozon dvd French
8 Femmes François Ozon dvd French **
Sitcom François Ozon dvd French
Gouttes d'Eau sur Pierres Brulantes François Ozon dvd French
Die 1000 Augen des dr. Mabuse Fritz Lang dvd German
M – Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder Fritz Lang dvd German
Das Testament des dr. Mabuse Fritz Lang dvd German
Metropolis Fritz Lang dvd German ***
Monsters Gareth Edwards blu-ray English *
Of Mice and Men Gary Sinise dvd English
Irreversible Gaspar Noe dvd French ****
Enter The Void Gaspar Noe blu-ray English